Monday, May 10, 2010

Today was Historic!

Today was historic for me because of 2 things.

First, I discovered this morning that I am actually registered and was eligible to vote. Yes, it's the Philippines' National and Local Elections Day and I got to vote. I didn't expect that because I failed to register last year. This morning, being the official driver and taga-park of my parents [both were registered voters], I waited with Tuts for 2 hours parked along the street far far away from our precint poll. Around 10 am, my dad called asking if I wanted to vote, and to my surprise, he told me I was actually on the list of voters! Yey!

And then not so yey! I waited for 3 hours, in sweltering heat and among noisy grumpy voters, before I was able to cast my vote. Plus my picture in the list of voters was UGLY! Lol. It was taken years years ago when I first voted, and believe me, I look way much better now :P

So all in all, I waited for like 5 hours (counting the parking wait), but I guess it was worth it [well, I hope so]. Today is one day that we should all sacrifice a bit of our time. While in line, I overheard this lolo-ish guy, he said jokingly, "Naku, mamya yung iboboto ko lolokohin lang pala tayong mga Pilipino. Nakakainis yun ha, pinila-pila ko pa sa init tapos yun pala corrupt, haha, nagpapagod ako pumila para pahirapan ako." I laughed, and everybody else in the line who heard him laughed. But it's the bitter truth.

After a tiresome day, I was watching the election coverage when I chance upon the Amazing Race finale replay. It ain't historic but I'm happy anyways: the gay brothers won in the Amazing Race! Woot woot! The star wars task was genius, and the brothers were fantastic. I mean, for once, I saw a pair who was actually prepared for the memory game!

Anyways, that's not the only important thing that happened to me today. Now call me vain but for my second happy happy joy joy reason: just awhile ago I googled my site and finally [...drum rolls insert here]

MY BLOG IS SEARCHABLE! YEY! You can actually find me in google! I thought it would take months before that happened so I was ecstatic when I saw the search results.

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