Friday, April 23, 2010

Stare. Envy. Die!

With this week's Multiply find, you'll definitely stare and die of envy if you haven't got your own fashionmonster* bag yet.

A local Filipino brand based in Davao, fashionmonster* is an online shop selling bags and accessories that are fun, bold and colorful. They are also known for their Über cute voodoo dolls.

Here are some of their popular models:

white voodoo bag

petticoat laptop bag
one of their latest models - hola hola summer bag

For more pictures and prices, go on and check out their sites:
fashionmonster* on Facebook 

If you're in Davao, you can find them at:
2/F, Sun Lab, Gaisano Mall of Davao 

Sex and the City 2

I started watching Sex and the City way back in my college days. I fell in love with the series because even if it was an American show and they were way older than me, I felt that any woman could relate to the girls. They are strong women, but they also have their own insecurities and issues in life. It's full of comedy and drama, and although sex is a main force behind the show, it also tackles career, relationships and friendships. You know, just because 'Sex' is in the title, it ain't all about sex.

I remember trekking all the way to Greenhills to buy DVDs to satisfy my SATC fix. Nowadays, I sometimes catch their reruns on HBO. Well, guess what? The girls are back and they're more fabulous than ever!!

If you haven't seen the first movie, watch it now before the second movie premieres next month.

Now everything about Sex and the City spells style, but wanna know something that's more fab?! HP Tech Chic Central is giving away a trip to NYC and an HP mini210 to one lucky winner!

If you wanna know more, head on to HP's Me and My City Contest.

Sex and the City 2 releases worldwide on May 27 and hits Philippine theaters May 28.
SATC2 on Facebook

Head over Heels over Headbands

I love headbands. And thanks to Blair Waldorf, the headband has become one of the hottest accessories of the season and this past year.

It's a great fashion statement that doesn't really require prep time. Don't you just love that?

One great style this season are the rhinestone headbands. It's simple, yet elegant enough to glam up any outfit. You could wear tees and jeans, put on a rhinestone headband and you're good to go.

If you're looking for affordable pieces you could purchase online, I would recommend Jean and Rosz. This fashion accessory business was started by two girls who's been friends since high school. What's fabulous about them is they offer items which are always up to date with the current trends and they always update their customers through their blog and websites.

Single Row Rhinestone Php 280

They just offered their own rhinestone collection, with prices ranging from Php280 to Php600. And they've got other items too that I know you would also love. I bought one of their House of Harlow inspired Sunburst necklaces, and I love it! It's a good quality fashion accessory at a price I find to be very affordable.

How about you, which style of headband are you sporting nowadays?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Multiply Find of the Week - Nu DeKor

I love Multiply. And it seems like a lot of Filipinos love it too. 

Multiply allows us to share our photos and videos with people in our network - whether they be family, friends or even strangers. But what I love most about it is the shopping. It's a virtual mall of practically everything. With payment and shipping methods more convenient nowadays, more and more people are transacting over Multiply. And you can't blame them. Spend some time searching and I guarantee you'll find good buys, bargains and fabulous stuff. I could spend hours just visiting pages and looking at clothes, accessories, quirky items and the list never ends.

So here's my game plan: Every week I'm going to post at least 1 great Multiply find.

I love interior design so this week's find is a great and fun design tool - Nu DeKor wall stickers

Aren't these the cutest things?

If you're planning to revamp your room or your kid's room, these are perfect. It's easy to install - all you need is a clean flat surface - and you can change it anytime 'coz you can just peel it off.

Their price ranges from Php550 to Php1100, depending on the design and they have TONS of design to choose from.

I haven't tried their wall stickers yet, but I'm definitely planning on buying some. So go check them out, and if you purchase one before I do, please share it, I'd love to hear about it.

Nu DeKor Wall Stickers

*images used with permission from Nu Dekor.

My First Munch

I ain't rich, but that doesn't mean I can't live my life fabulously. There are so many things that we can do to make our lives a little more fab. Sometimes you spend a lot and sometimes you don't even have to shell out a buck.

I love to share, which is why you are now reading this. This is my first munch of the blogging world and like almost any blogger out there, I wanted to share what I am passionate about: people and places and stuff that inspire me to lead a fabulous life which I hope will also inspire others. I wanted a space where like-minded people get to read what I post and talk about it.

I'm your typical girl who loves shopping, bargains (who doesn't?!), eating-out, traveling and sight-seeing, but my interests also includes design, photography, music, movies, the arts and well, anything under the sun that I find to be beautiful and fabulous. 

I am fabmonster. I munch on everything fabulous. Welcome to my world.