Friday, April 23, 2010

Sex and the City 2

I started watching Sex and the City way back in my college days. I fell in love with the series because even if it was an American show and they were way older than me, I felt that any woman could relate to the girls. They are strong women, but they also have their own insecurities and issues in life. It's full of comedy and drama, and although sex is a main force behind the show, it also tackles career, relationships and friendships. You know, just because 'Sex' is in the title, it ain't all about sex.

I remember trekking all the way to Greenhills to buy DVDs to satisfy my SATC fix. Nowadays, I sometimes catch their reruns on HBO. Well, guess what? The girls are back and they're more fabulous than ever!!

If you haven't seen the first movie, watch it now before the second movie premieres next month.

Now everything about Sex and the City spells style, but wanna know something that's more fab?! HP Tech Chic Central is giving away a trip to NYC and an HP mini210 to one lucky winner!

If you wanna know more, head on to HP's Me and My City Contest.

Sex and the City 2 releases worldwide on May 27 and hits Philippine theaters May 28.
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